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    Youth Team U12s Fixtures 2022

    Mid Wessex Under 12s Youth League

    Away Grounds: Postcodes

    Compton House: DT9 4QU

    South Petherton: TA13 5BY

    Ilminster: TA19 0EF

    North Perrott: TA18 7SU

    League Rules U12s

    1. Each innings will consist of 18 six-ball overs in April and May and 20 in June and July.

    2. The umpires will decide on any adjustment of overs in the event of inclement weather or bad light. In a match subject to a late start or interruption in the first innings, each innings will be reduced by one over for each full 6 minutes lost. In a case of interruption in the second innings, that innings is reduced by one over for each full 3 minutes lost. The minimum number of overs for a result to be obtained must be 10 overs for each side, unless a team is all out, or the side batting second exceed their target score. In the case of a side batting second and the innings being curtailed after 10, or more, overs, the match is decided on average number of runs scored per over.

    3. No bowler may bowl more than 4 overs in a match.

    4. Each batsman will retire when their score reaches 25 and may not return to the wicket, if the remainder of the side is out. If the last 2 batsmen are at the wicket, and one batsman reaches 25, he should then act as a runner, until the other batsman is either out, or the team wins. If either batsman is run out, the innings will end.

    5. A wide delivery will incur a penalty of 2 runs, plus any runs scored, but no extra ball except in the last over when two runs and an extra ball will both apply. No balls will be bowled again throughout the innings and one extra run shall be added to the score for each no ball bowled plus any other runs scored.

    6. Batting points: 1 point for scoring 40 runs and 1 extra point thereafter for each additional 20 runs, up to a maximum of 5 points. For the side batting second, and winning, points will be awarded for wickets in hand at the close as follows: 1 point for 2 wickets in hand, 2 points for 4 wickets in hand, 4 points for 7 wickets in hand, 5 points for 8 wickets in hand. For the side batting second and winning, 1 point will be awarded for every 2 wickets in hand at the close. The maximum number of batting points a side can obtain is 5.

    7. Bowling points: 1 point for taking 1 wicket, 2 points for taking 3 wickets, 3 points for taking 5 wickets, 4 points for taking 7 wickets, 5 points for taking 8 wickets or all available wickets. If a side playing short has batsmen retired, bowling points will be awarded taking into account the number of wickets taken and the number of batsmen missing.

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