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    BCC Membership Survey

    Please state your relationship with Beaminster Cricket Club.

    a. Senior player

    b. Junior player/parent

    c Social member

    d Vice president/life Member

    e Friend

    2.How do you see Beaminster Cricket Club?

    a. As a performance related Cricket Club

    b. As a social and lifestyle Cricket Club

    c. Other (please specify)

    3.What would you prefer to see improved at Beaminster CC? Please select one or both options.

    a. Playing facilities

    b. Clubhouse facilities

    3a)If you answered Playing Facilities, what would you like to see funds spent on? Please proceed to next question for social facility question.

    a. Non turf training facility (artificial wicket)

    b. Pitch covers

    d. Cricket coaching for junior players

    e. Cricket coaching for senior players

    f. Other (please specify)

    3b) If you answered Social Facilities in Question 2, what would you like to see funds spent on?

    a. Clubhouse hall furnishings and decor

    b. Clubhouse members area furnishings and decor

    c. Bar refurbishment

    d. Toilet facilities refurbishment

    e. Spectator and pitchside area improvements

    4. What is your preferred day for playing cricket?

    a. Saturday

    b. Sunday

    c. Weekday evenings

    5. Would you consider playing in any of these formats? Answer as many as you like

    a. Midweek T20 Competition

    b. Sunday T25/30 over League

    c Regular inter evening club games (mix of club players)

    6. Which evening would you prefer senior training to take place on?

    a. Friday evening

    b. Monday evening

    c. Wednesday evening

    d. Other (please specify)

    7. It was noted that few senior players played more than 50% of league games in 2018. What are the barriers to playing the majority or all of the league games?

    a. Family

    b. Work

    c. Other interests

    d. Other (please specify)

    Please use this page to make any further comments on how we could improve Beaminster Cricket Club. All responses will be treated in the strictest confidence.

    Further Comments

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