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    1st XI


    The stats below show the batting and bowling figures for all the players who have turned out for the club this season. The bare figures convey only a part of the contribution made by players to the well being of the club. The club is extremely grateful to all who have supported the club this season by playing on a Saturday afternoon. Their support keeps the club going and their support is invaluable. Many thanks from the committee to all and we look forward to seeing everybody again next season.

    1ST XI BATTING - Qualification: 5 innings
    NameInningsNot outHSTotalAverage
    Dave Persey6256*13834.5
    Will Everitt14469*34434.4
    Ross Baker1536133230.5
    Simon Jones505514328.6
    Richie Runyard1515435125.1
    Dan Hillier705715121.6
    Hugh Rathbone1524925919.9
    Francis Medley715011419.0
    Aidey Phillips8243*9215.3
    Dave Penman62255814.5
    Adam Herring1133510112.6
    Brian Earl73154711.8
    Also batted: C Lamb (8,9,3), Leo Gurd (0,0*), Mark Barber (0,2, 4*,2), Chris Park (4,24), Dean Hyett (5), Shane Parker (0), Gavin Gay (0), N Hollely (8), William Murley (0,1), Fred Everitt (64), Terry Field (0,0*), Ryan Sweetman (14), E Loader (1)

    1ST XI BOWLING - Qualification: 5 wickets
    Adam Herring80.285-152538715.5
    Dave Persey2206-25713619.4
    Mark Barber1722-1859919.8
    Will Everitt107185-191939620.8
    Francis Medley39.333-18918720.8
    Ross Baker128.3333-251738222.5
    Aidey Phillips88.3174-171541527.7
    Also bowled: Simon Jones 16-3-43-4, Vijay 15-0-118-1, Gavin Gay 5-0-25-2, Leo Gurd 1-0-11-0, Chris Park 2-0-15-0, Shane Parker 4-0-20-1, Terry Field 20.3- 0-128-2

    Hugh Rathbone -7
    Ross Baker - 7
    Will Everitt - 6
    Richie Runyard - 10 catches and 2 stumpings

    2nd XI

    CLUB BATTING AND BOWLING STATISTICS 2015 - Qualification: 4 innings

    2nd XI BATTING - Qualification: 5 innings
    NameInningsNot outHSTotalAverage
    Jordon Nottley924417124.1
    S Nottley7261*11422.8
    Rob Meech916817722.1
    Shaun Annetts604611919.8
    Dan Spiller1105618717.0
    Lewis Keenan41314715.7
    Justin Gurd802610212.8
    Pete Bustin70338211.7
    Leo Gurd8128608.6
    Dave Penman5017306.0
    Toby James5023265.2
    Colin James1026*293.6
    Ollie James929162.3
    William Murley1027151.9
    Also batted: Dean Hyett (148*,78,0), Vijay (4,58*,22*), Terry Field (0,16,16), Shane Parker (0,0), J Watts (25), Gavin Gay (2,2,0), Murray Legg (7), Ryan Sweetman (0), William Murley (0,0), Dave Hall (20,7), Hugh Rathbone (18)

    2ND XI BOWLING - Qualification: 5 wickets
    Pete Bustin48144-61314210.9
    Dave Penman1104-4755711.4
    Rob Meech4522-8722331.8
    Justin Gurd7153-411137534.1
    Jordon Nottley5413-33735050.0
    Dan Spiller5101-14638163.5
    Also bowled: Shane Parker 8-1-18-2, Lewis Keenan 18-0-134-2, William Murley 1-0-6-0, Terry Field 24-4-72-2, Dean Hyett 21-2 80-4, Gavin Gay 1-0-20-0, J Watts 1-0-10-0, S Nottley 2-0-21-0, Murray Legg 8-2-23-3, Ryan Sweetman 3-0-14-1

    Justin Gurd - 9
    Shaun Annetts - 3 catches

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