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    Club Representatives 2018/2019

    • President : John Bugler - johnbugler@buglers.co.uk
    • Chairman : Ross Baker - ark.wright@virgin.net, 07813897672
    • Vice Chairman : Nick David - nickdavid@davidlandscapes.co.uk
    • Secretary : Simon & Nikki Bareham - nikki_bareham@hotmail.com
    • Treasurer : Nikki Moss - moss1421@btinternet.com, 07584059560
    • Youth/Coaching Coordinator : Ross Baker - ark.wright@virgin.net
    • Auditor : Albert Goodman R Bugler richard.bugler@albertgoodman.co.uk
    • First Team Captain - Ross Baker : ark.wright@virgin.net
    • Vice Captain - Chris Park : chris_park1@hotmail.com
    • Friendly Captains :
    • Justin Gurd (Middleton Hands Cup and Second Team games)
    • Ross Baker (Touring and First Team Friendies)
    • U16 Manager : Adrian Rees - adrian.rees@btconnect.com
    • U14 Coach : Ross Baker - ark.wright@virgin.net
    • U14 Manager : Giles Moss - moss1421@btinternet.com
    • U11 Coach : Neil White - chalewkee@yahoo.co.uk
    • U11 Manager : Mel White - chalewkee@yahoo.co.uk
    • Child Welfare Officers: Mel White and Nikki Moss
    • General Committee Members : L Gurd, J Gurd, G Moss, H Francis, S Jones, W Moss

    West Dorset District Youth Cricket

    West Dorset District Youth Cricket is headed by Sean Fitzgerald (ECB Head Coach - UKCC3) who organises and coordinates all of the age groups; in particular the training programmes that each age group undertakes over the winter/pre-season period. Each age group has a coach assigned to specifically look after that squad over the winter and summer seasons.

    All Beaminster Cricket Club youth players are encouraged to attend West Dorset trials for their specific age group. Trials are held post season in October and November. If the player is selected, squad training runs from January through to March with matches throughout the summer.

    BCC Registration

    All new players, (seniors and youth) are required to register for BCC before they are allowed to play league cricket. Senior players need to register to the Dorset Cricket League and junior players need to register for ClubMark and safeguarding purposes.

    If you are a new player, please provide the following information so that we can update our records:

    - NAME:

    - ADDRESS:




    Junior Players Only


    - SCHOOL:


    Contact Ross: ark.wright@virgin.net (seniors)

    Mel White: chalekee@yahoo.co.uk (juniors)

    All information provided will be kept confidential

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