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    Ross BakerRoss Baker, Rosco

    Nickname: Rosco
    Type of player: All rounder (literally)
    BCC Champagne moment: Stig’s slower ball to dismiss Stalbridge’s best batter back in the day
    Best performance: Last season hitting 91 against Hamworthy. Team Performance - finally beating Kingston Lacy away – great win including Justin's brilliant catch
    Best figures: 6-10 v Winton (I miss playing them!)
    Worst, funniest incident: Last man Monty Everitt defying Winton’s bowlers in sandals to win us the game when chasing 90 odd
    Craziest, funniest, eccentric player: Frekey! I loved his green, blonde or purple affro! The first ball he faced for BCC he smashed for a straight 6! Legend!

    Leo GurdLeo Gurd, Egyptian

    Nickname: Egyptian
    Type of player: Fielder / loopy slow bowler
    Best performance: Inspired wicket keeping last year
    Worst, funniest incident: Bowling a delivery which hit something in the pitch and ended up bouncing over batsman’s and keeper’s heads
    Craziest, funniest, eccentric player: Meechy

    Daniel SpillerDaniel Spiller, Spills

    Nickname: Spills
    Type of player: All rounder
    Best performance: Hitting the winning runs in a Middleton Hands game
    Worst, funniest incident: General banter in the 2nd team
    Craziest, funniest, eccentric player: The contrast between the senior and junior players - Earl Sandwich and Runner

    Justin GurdJustin Gurd, Gurdy

    Nickname: Gurdy
    Type of player: Opening bowler
    Best performance: 9 catches in a season
    Worst, funniest incident: Bowling an 11 ball over
    Craziest, funniest, eccentric player: Uncle Terry I reckon!

    Chris LambChris Lamb, Lamby

    Nickname: Lamby
    Type of player: Opening batter / wicketkeeper
    Best performance: 80 odd at Portland / 5 catches at Compton House
    Worst, funniest incident: Being abused by the Poole Town Mayor! (Poole’s wicketkeeper)
    Craziest, funniest, eccentric player: Too many to mention....Arthur?

    Simon JonesSimon Jones, Jonesy

    Nickname: Jonesy
    Type of player: All rounder and more so now I am older!
    BCC Champagne moment: Too many to mention! But the Swanage and Bournemouth trips were certainly memorable!
    Best performance: Making two 150's in one season for the season
    Worst, funniest incident: Batting with Bommy our Australian import in a Wye Rustics game, he had only just come in from the night before!
    Craziest, funniest, eccentric player: Has to be Mr. Freke; we miss you mate!

    Dan HillierDan Hillier, Stato

    Nickname: Stato
    Type of player: Right handed batter
    BCC Champagne moment: Stu's story about calling in a result, timeless classic
    Best performance: Winning back to back promotions with the seconds
    Best figures: 103 and 105
    Worst, funniest incident: Running Murray out when he was looking forward to opening the batting all season. Broke his poor little heart that did! – Sorry Nerd!
    Craziest, funniest, eccentric player: Runner! He's not right in the head but I love him!

    Ryan SweetmanRyan Sweetman, Sweater

    Nickname: Sweater
    Type of player: Demon medium / slow bowler
    Best performance: Completed an over without bowling a wide
    Worst, funniest incident: Turning up too late to bowl when we only had 3 fit bowlers
    Craziest, funniest, eccentric player: eccentric player: Has to be Herring.......no words

    Brian EarlBrian Earl, Sandwich

    Nickname: Sandwich, Sarnie (the Earl of Sandwich lives just up the road)
    Type of player: Formerly official stop-gap, but now too blind and deaf to play so umpire to a high standard instead
    BCC Champagne moment: Any of Nod's many fantastic one-handed gully catches
    Best performance: N/A
    Worst, funniest incident: A 19-over duck when opening at Cattistock
    Craziest, funniest, eccentric player: Too hard to choose. If you weren't crazy, funny and eccentric you wouldn't be playing for Beaminster anyway. That said, the Rector's cameo appearance for the 2nds at Winton takes some beating Other claims to fame Once bowled Colin Milburn in the nets at Derby, and hit a six off Shane Warne in Basingstoke.

    Adrian PhillipsAdrian Phillips, Aidey

    Nickname: Aidey or Skip
    Type of player: Right arm fast bowler, late order batter
    Best performance: 6-25 against Bere Regis for the seconds last year
    Worst, funniest incident: Runner dropping a dolly at Stalbridge
    Craziest, funniest, eccentric player: Has to be Runner for the first team and Terry Field for the seconds

    David PercyDavid Persey, Perce

    Nickname: Perce
    Type of player: Fast (sometimes wayward) bowler, late order hitter
    Best performance: Too many to mention! 3-9 and 20 odd
    Worst, funniest incident: When I couldn't bowl anymore because my legs had gone despite only bowling 2 overs (and where had they gone!?)
    Craziest, funniest, eccentric player: Long Dog

    Hugh RathboneHugh Rathbone, Hughie

    Nickname: Hughie
    Type of player: Elegant stroke play
    Best performance: 35 against Cerne
    Worst, funniest incident: Chuffer hitting Dorset's Dean Calloway for six then turning to the crowd and saying "are you not entertained!"
    Craziest, funniest, eccentric player: Keith Penman

    Richard RunyardRichard Runyard, Runner

    Nickname: Runner
    Type of player: Middle order batter, keeper, medium bowler
    Best performance: 70 odd, 5 catches
    Worst, funniest incident: Going to a random pub at Corfe Castle after a game at Swanage and gate-crashing a wild party involving a group of fire-eating women
    Craziest, funniest, eccentric player: Me or Stato?!

    Adam HerringAdam Herring, Hezza

    Nickname: Hezza
    Type of player: RH swing bowler, middle order batter
    Best performance: 50 odd for firsts
    Worst, funniest incident: Showing off the holes in my pants in the changing room
    Craziest, funniest, eccentric player: Muzza. I remember winding up the Bournemouth team so much because they couldn’t get me out despite my only scoring shot was the cut shot

    Andrew BrownAndrew Brown, Drawbridge

    Nickname: Drawbridge
    Type of player: RH medium bowler, steady batter
    Best performance: Too many to mention
    Worst, funniest incident: The mini bus journeys back from away matches; having a team watering can to drink cider and black from
    Craziest, funniest, eccentric player: Runner and Rosco

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