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    Not a lot of on-field activity to report at the moment but events continue nevertheless. Chief amongst those recently held was the AGM, not the most exciting event in the club's year but arguably one of the more important, though sadly not reflected by the number of members turning up to participate.


    This was held on the 18th November in the Memorial Sports Pavilion. Annual reports were presented by the chairman (Marcus Chambers) as attached, treasurer (Linda Runyard), team managers (Aidey Phillips and Ross Baker) and youth team leader (Jack Walklett).

    Financially the club continues to hold its own. Revenue and expenditure more or less equalled each other during the year and the club has a balance of about one year's expenditure in the bank. This a reasonable position to be in. The new team management system, with Aidey Phillips and Ross Baker responsible for team selection and team captains appointed for the day, is considered to have been successful and will continue next season. The club raised two teams every week, no mean feat these days. All the youth teams had a good season and their development will continue to be a priority for the club.

    The new committee sees a change of leadership. The chairman (Marcus Chambers) and vice chairman (Nick David) both stood down but remain on the general committee. David Wells and Shaun Annetts, respectively, replace them. The full committee is made up as follows:
    CHAIRMAN: D Wells
    VICE CHAIRMAN: S Annetts
    TREASURER: L Runyard
    AUDITOR: R Bugler
    (Albert Goodman LLP)
    SENIOR TEAM MANAGERS: R Baker and A Phillips
    U15 TEAM MANAGER: R Baker
    U13 TEAM MANAGER: J Walklett
    U11 TEAM MANAGER; M Pattemore
    GENERAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS: M Chambers, N David, W Everitt, RA Francis, S Jones, H Rathbone

    One suggestion made to the incoming committee was to find ways of increasing the appeal of the annual dinner and awards night. All suggestions welcome!!.

    As always, the committee is confident for next season. Without this, we may as well all give up.


    Earlier this year several members of the club responded to a questionnaire, the National Playing Survey, organised by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). The surveys monitors attitudes to and participation in 'recreational cricket' - weekend and midweek cricket. Whilst the results of the 40,000 responses have not been published in full some details have been leaked by county boards. Some of the main conclusions are:
    ~ Participation by 14-65 year olds over the past year has fallen from 908,000 t0 844,000, a 7% decline
    ~ 5% of all games were cancelled because of failure by one side to raise a team
    ~ 47% of people want to play more but do not have the time
    ~ 27% could play more but the cricket on offer does not appeal to them
    ~ 16% of players were unhappy with the distance travelled to games
    ~ 27% dissatisfied with finishing times
    ~ Happiest players were 14-15 year olds
    ~ Unhappiest players were those from 19-25 years
    ~ Participation by young players drops off from around 15 years onwards, with big impacts on the numbers of senior players

    These results reflect the difficulties we find in Beaminster. In particular, late finishes and long travel times give problems. The ECB says it working with county boards 'to tackle key factors which affect participation such as match end time, travel distance to matches, playing format, length of game and club/school links'.

    We await to see how the Dorset cricket board will react.


    Not sure - but just in case a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our readers.



    We're now in the depths of winter, at least that what it feels and looks like. Memories of the past summer were brought to mind last week though as the club held its annual dinner and awards night. This was somewhat later than has been the case in recent years, due to Rosco's and Laura's September wedding. As reported below the evening was well attended.


    This was held last Friday 7th November in the Red Lion. It was well attended with over 40 players, wives, girlfriends and well-wishers gathering to recall the summer's performances and to partake of Malcolm's legendary three-roast carvery. Special guests included our president John Bugler and his wife Jo and our guest speaker the Reverend David Baldwin.

    The winners of the various awards included:
    ~ President's cup (1st XI): Ross Baker (for upholding the club's best traditions of fair play and significant personal performance)
    ~ President's cup (2nd XI): Shane Parker (ditto)
    ~ Stiby cup: Dave Penman (clubman of the year, overall contribution to the club)
    ~ Pinney Shield: Leo Gurd and Dave Persey (young players of the year)
    ~ Batting cup (1st XI): Ross Baker ~ Batting cup (2nd XI): Shane Parker
    ~ Bowling cup (1st XI): Jack Walklett
    ~ Bowling cup (2nd XI): Justin Gurd
    ~ Welsford Shield: Adam Herring (fielder of the year)
    ~ Captain's tankard (1st XI): Hugh Rathbone, Aidey Phillips (team contribution)
    ~ Captain's tankard (2nd XI): Justin Gurd
    ~ Brian Newbery Champagne Moment: Dave Penman (for his maiden century)

    Congratulations to all the winners. They made an excellent contribution to the club in 2014 and hopefully will do so next year.

    Our guest speaker David Baldwin gave a witty and informed talk on the cricket scene in Dorset and Beaminster. David is well known in Dorset cricketing circles through his umpiring throughout the county. We hope that he will be able to stand for Beaminster in the coming season and continue his association with the club.


    The club's AGM will be held next Tuesday 18th November at 7pm in the Memorial Sports Pavilion. Please try to attend. The Agenda is:
    1. Apologies
    2. Minutes of 2013 AGM
    3. Matters Arising
    4. Chairman's report
    5. Treasurer's report
    6. Team managers' reports
    7. Youth section report
    8. Fixture secretary's report
    9. Recommendations from the General Committee
    The proposed trial put forward at the 2013 AGM regarding appointment of adult team managers for the 2014 season has proved successful and if adopted by the meeting will necessitate a change of the constitution.
    10. Election of Officers. At present these are:
    ~ President: JWR Bugler
    ~ Vice Presidents: Listed on the fixture card
    ~ Chairman: MR Chambers (retiring)
    ~ Vice Chairman: N David
    ~ Treasurer: Mrs L Runyard
    ~ Secretary: BFM Page
    ~ Fixtures Secretary: AC Everitt
    ~ Youth Welfare Officer/Coaching Coordinator: R Baker
    11. Election of Managers/captains. At present:
    ~ Managers (adults): R Baker, A Phillips
    ~ Manager (U13): R Baker
    ~ Managers (U11): J Walklett and C Lamb
    ~ 2nd team captain: D Penman
    ~ Friendly captain: C Lamb
    12. Election of General Committee. At present:
    D Wells, R Francis, S Jones. J Walklett, M Walklett, H Rathbone, W Everitt, D Hall (retd).
    13. Recommendations to the General Committee.


    The club now has a water supply in the score hut building which is used to store all its equipment (mowers, heavy roller, scarifier etc) as well as the equipment belonging to Rod Hansford in his role as council groundsman. Thus water is now readily available for washing equipment, people, mixing chemicals and fire fighting. Previously it had to be carried over from the pavilion, a laborious and time-consuming task. The water is piped in from the Wessex Water's connection sited on the north bank of the Memorial field some 100 metres from the building. The pipe was laid in an excavated trench by David Landscapes and the standpipe connection in the building was fitted by Shaun Annetts.

    The club is very grateful to West Dorset District Council for providing the necessary funding. WDDC is a good supporter of the club.


    Whilst on the Newsletter staff's annual outing (this year to Australia) the chief reporter had the opportunity to attend a day's cricket at the WACA ground, the home of cricket in West Australia. The match in question was the Sheffield Shield match between - wait for it - The Alcohol. Think again Western Warriors and the Tasmania Tigers. The former name is the official one of what used to be simply West Australia. They are sponsored by a state government department dedicated to reducing alcohol consumption. (Not an easy - some would say impossible - task). They must use this name all the time. Bad as it is, it is exceeded in dreadfulness by that used by Queensland - now officially known as myFootTestDr Queensland Bulls.

    The need for sponsorship is clear. On the day that your reporter went to the ground there were barely 20 paying people there at the start of play - at an admission cost of £5 each. We get more at Beaminster. By the end of the day the number of spectators had swelled to about 100.

    Back to the cricket - it was terrific. Top class professional level. Highlights included seeing WA's captain and test player Adam Voges get 70, Cameron Bancroft getting his maiden Sheffield Shield century (watch out England in a few years) and Ashton Agar (he of the record 98 for a number 11 test score in the recent Ashes series) getting 0 ( a big disappointment to me and no doubt him).

    (The same department that attempts the seemingly hopeless task of reducing the alcohol consumption of Australians also has the possibly marginally easier task of weaning them off cigarettes. It recently hit world headlines and received widespread ridicule for forcing another enterprise it sponsors - West Australia Opera - to cancel its production of Carmen: on the grounds that as some of its early scenes take place in a cigarette factory it will encourage people to smoke).



    A short Newsletter to remind everyone of two important events that are bearing down with great rapidity on Beaminster's cricketing fraternity. One is perhaps more interesting and desirable than the other - you can decide which is your own preference.


    This is tomorrow (Friday 7th) night at the Red Lion - 7.30 for 8. This is one of the highlights of the club's year and indeed one of Beaminster's top social events!!! There are a few places remaining so if you haven't booked and wish to come, please contact Rosco, Pager, Nod or myself. It promises to be a great evening with guest speaker David Baldwin sure to provide magnificent entertainment alongside the hostelry's famously good roast dinner - will it be three or four different roasts this year?? And of course the opportunity to congratulate the club's outstanding performers of the season.

    Cost is £15 per ticket and youth players are free of charge.

    Club AGM

    This is scheduled for Tuesday 18th November in the Memorial Sports Pavilion at 7.30. We hope you can attend. The meeting will review the club's performance and well being over the last 12 months and elect the new committee for 2015. Hope to see you there.

    A report of the dinner and awards night will be in next week's newsletter.

    Hope to see you there.



    Not a lot to report on the cricketing (playing) front at least as we settle into the long close season. Even the normally non-stop activity of our youth teams has slowed somewhat due to the marriage and honeymooning of chief coach Ross Baker. I'm sure that as he contemplates the splendours of married life he is secretly pining to get back and resume his cricketing activities. Not so long to go - start again in October.

    Awards Night

    Yet another reminder - you can't have too many of a good thing. Our awards night and club dinner is on Friday 7th November at 7.30 in the Red Lion.

    And this year we have a special guest speaker - The Reverend David Baldwin, Team Rector of the Beaminster Area Churches. David is very well known in Dorset cricket circles and umpires regularly for Dorset clubs. He is an excellent raconteur and will no doubt regale us with tales of his and others' exploits in the game. Maybe even about some of our own players.

    And this year we have even more award winners than usual. In some categories the committee found it impossible to separate worthy contenders and so awarded joint winners. Not quite like the fairground cry of 'everyone a winner' but our club's closest ever approach to it.

    The committee has set up a small group to organise the evening - Linda, Rosco, Pager and Nod. Please contact them for any questions you have about the evening and let them know you are coming. Also, our guest speaker David has requested any information about the club and its players that could be included in his awards night speech. Any amusing incident? A special effort? Something everyone should know? Please pass on any such items to one of the organising group or indeed to David himself.

    Pitch Perfect

    The fine September weather has meant that work to repair the cricket square has not been in the least hindered and is now complete. Volunteer groundsman Brian Page and his helpers completed the work early in the month without any undue difficulties. The assistance provided by Rod Hansford in scarifying the square was much appreciated. To do this without his help and specialist equipment would be very difficult indeed for club members.

    Some one and a half tonnes of topsoil were spread onto the square to repair the damage accrued during the season, along with a huge sackful of seed to re-grass it. Now we need some rain to get the seed to germinate and begin growing before the winter weather starts in earnest.

    Ever wondered what voluntary labour saves the club? Recently the club received an offer from a professional firm of groundsmen to do the work on restoring the cricket square. Their price: £220 per strip plus travelling expenses. Thus for the nine strips at the Rec ground the cost would be £1980 plus travel - well over £2000. In a nutshell - we need voluntary help to survive. If it stops, the club folds up.

    Chance to Shine

    The ECB's Chance to Shine project, a national programme to introduce cricket to schools throughout the country, has been a great success. Our club has been a part of this success with head coach Ross Baker funded to give coaching sessions in local schools for the past year or so. This is continuing and Rosco will be giving weekly coaching sessions at Beaminster School from October onwards and over the winter.

    It seems trite to say it, but the future of BCC lies with young players. The more that can be encouraged to take up and stay in the game the better the chances of future viability. It would be great if players came to the club as a direct result of Rosco's coaching sessions.

    BCC Web Site

    The club's web site Beaminster Cricket Club - Dorset Cricket Board has now been updated for the 2014 season. It's informative and well worth a look. The player profiles and photos are definitely the highlights. Just how such a disreputable-looking bunch of people ever managed to win cricket matches is a mystery that can only be speculated on. But they did, and all credit.

    Staff Holiday

    The Newsletter's staff is taking (another) holiday, this time to the opposite ends of the earth. This will be the last newsletter until sometime in November.

    A final word - don't forget the awards night, let the organising committee know you are coming. Many thanks.



    The season's finished now and Beaminster concluded it in the best possible way with, for the 1st XI, its fourth consecutive victory against hapless Wimborne & Colehill 3rds, who are now relegated. Not only a victory, but by a massive margin.


    In a quite remarkable game at the Rec the 1st XI dismissed Wimborne & Colehill 3rds for 39 in 27 overs and hit the winning runs in 5.1 overs to record their biggest win for quite a while. W&C never got on top of Beaminster's bowling and the score crept along at little more than a run an over. All the bowlers were on top form and the wickets were well-shared out: Ross Baker 10-6-10-3, Aidey Phillips 8-2-17-2, Jack Walklett 5-2-7-2 and Will Everitt 3.1-2-4-3. Good to see Will amongst the wickets as for the last three weeks he has been the club's most economical bowler but missing out on scalps. There is little more to say except that the bowlers were on song, the fielding was sharp and W&C were very poor.

    The necessary runs were knocked off in 5.1 overs for the loss of one wicket (Justin Gurd for 11) with Hugh Rathbone's aggressive 24 not out leading the way. The game was over just after 4pm. Plenty of unexpected extra time for players and officials to celebrate.

    W&C's score of 39 was the lowest recorded in County Division 2 this season and the fifth lowest in all of the Dorset league's eight divisions. The 'honour' of having the lowest score this season goes to Compton House who scored 25 against Shillingstone in County Division 1 on 9 August.


    Beaminster boosted their points total by another 20 but remained in the same position. After the threat of relegation over the team for much of the season it finished in a respectable mid-table place.

    Cerne Valley 267
    Cattistock 239
    Portland RT 202
    Bournemouth 3 186
    Dorchester 2 169
    Beaminster 155
    Stalbridge 2 135
    Weymouth 2 123
    W & C 3 100


    The promotions and relegations affecting County Division 2 are now clear after Saturday's games:

    Relegated from County Division 1: Marnhull and Cranborne
    Promoted from County Division 2: Cerne Valley and Cattistock
    Relegated from County Division 2: Weymouth 2 (despite beating champions Cerne Valley on Saturday) and W&C 3
    Promoted from County Division 3: Wareham, King's Lacy and Sturminster Marshall (three teams are promoted, the extra place being due to the need to replace Ferndown Wayfarers who withdrew from Division 2 at the start of the season).

    Thus next season's County Division 2. is made up as follows (subject to final confirmation from the League): Beaminster, Bournemouth 3, Cranborne, Dorchester 2, Kings Lacy, Marnhull, Portland RT, Stalbridge 2, Sturminster Marshall and Wareham.

    The loss of Cerne Valley and Cattistock to be replaced by Marnhull and Cranborne is regrettable if for no other reason than that it will increase the amount of travelling necessary for away games and lead to the loss of four local derbies. The other changes don't much affect the amount of travelling.


    The clubs annual dinner and awards night is on 14 November in the Red Lion. Reserve the date in your diary. More details to follow later.



    Well, Beaminster's 1st XI have done it again - won comfortably, this time to mid-table Bournemouth 3rds. The team is like the proverbial London bus - you wait ages for a victory (from 31st May to 9th August) and then three come along one after the other. It's difficult to say precisely what has changed: by and large it's the same players. Some have found a rich vein of form and there does seem to be more resolve in the team. Team manager Ross Baker has put this down to determination not to be relegated from County Division Two. Whatever the reason, the threat of relegation is now a memory with the team occupying a comfortable, mid-table 6th position.


    Beaminster went into the game requiring six points (from two games) to be sure of avoiding relegation. As it turned out these points were acquired when, after getting five bowling bonus points for taking all 10 Bournemouth wickets, Chris Lamb and Ross Baker took the Beaminster score to 100 for the first batting point. And the cloud that had hung over the team for much of the season was finally lifted, and in the end it was a comfortable victory, the third in succession.

    Bournemouth were put in to bat and were in trouble early on as the first wicket fell without a run on the board and Ross Baker took two wickets to have them on 23-2. Apart from two stands of 45, for the third and sixth wickets, Bournemouth showed little resistance to Beaminster's battery of pace bowlers, with Ross taking 3-23, Adam Herring 3-36, Dave Persey 3-30 and Terry Field 1-28. They were finally dismissed for 157 in 44 overs.

    Beaminster's innings took a while to get going but openers Chris Lamb and Dan Hillier played themselves in carefully before pushing the score along at a good rate. The first wicket fell at 71 with Dan going for 36. Chris anchored the innings whilst Ross Baker continued his good form of late with an aggressive 51 not out. When the second wicket went at 146 (Chris, 54) the game was won even though Adam Herring fell in attempting a mighty hit to win the game in style.

    Beaminster now sit in 6th place in the division as shown below. Two teams from Stalbridge 2, Weymouth 2 and Wimborne & Colehill 3 will be relegated come this Saturday.

    Cerne Valley 264
    Cattistock 239
    Portland RT 199
    Bounemouth 3 168
    Dorchester 2 162
    Beaminster 135
    Stalbridge 2 118
    Weymouth 2 103
    W&C 3 100


    Football does it, so why not cricket? Compiling league tables based on the most recent games shows the in-form teams. And by doing this for the last three games - Beaminster along with champions Cerne Valley are the division's top teams with maximum points possible:

    Beaminster 60
    Cerne Valley 60
    Dorchester 2 45
    Cattistock 45
    Portland RT 31
    Bournemouth 3 29
    Weymouth 2 26
    W & Colehill 3 12
    Stalbridge 2 11

    Good to see Beaminster at the top!!


    We don't have an umpire for this Saturday's final game against Wimborne and Colehill 3rds. If anybody is free to stand in for this game please let myself, Ross, Adey Phillips or Brian Page know. We would like to end the season with a full complement of players and match officials.


    A reminder that this Thursday the club hosts a county U9 match, with Dorset taking on East Devon. This is a good chance to see the best of the counties youngest players. The match starts at 11.00. Though the weather doesn't look too promising at the moment.


    30th August: 1st XI versus Wimborne & Colehill 3rds: 1pm (H)



    Another 1st XI victory to report on in Saturday's match against division high fliers and promotion hopefuls Portland RT. The team is putting in a good end to the season and whilst relegation remains a possibility its likelihood has receded.


    Portland RT came to Beaminster hoping to boost their promotion chances but left with them in tatters. They were struggling from the start after being put in to bat. Opening bowlers Aidey Phillips (2-49) and Ross Baker (2-19) put them on the back foot immediately and had them in difficulties at 24-3. Tight bowling and good fielding (six catches and one stumping) meant that Portland never got a hold of the game and were always behind the pace. Their wickets fell regularly and runs came slowly. Skipper Aidey Phillips alternated his bowlers most effectively, using seven in total with six of them getting wickets - Jack Walklett (3-38), Mark Barber (1-15), Terry Field (1-5) and Dave Persey (1-0) in addition to Aidey and Ross. The seventh bowler (Will Everitt, 0-9 in six overs) was the most economical of all. This was a tremendous bowling/fielding effort by the team as Portland were dismissed for 147 in the 44th over.

    Beaminster's reply got off to a shaky start with openers Jack Walklett and Simon Jones (making a very welcome return to the side) out for 15. But then Richie Runyard (36) and Ross Baker (47, with 44 in boundaries)) blasted a stand of 68 in 48 balls to pretty well take the game away from Portland. Will Everitt (23 quick runs) and then Hugh Rathbone (21 not out) and Aidey Phillips (5 not out) took Beaminster to 151-6 and victory in the 30th over.

    This was a big victory for the team, coming as it did on the tails of the previous week's win. Everybody made a good contribution and showed the side's determination to avoid relegation. This now looks a better prospect as the following shows:
    Stalbridge 2nd: Played 14 / 118 points
    Beaminster: Played 14 / 115 points
    Wimborne & C: Played 15 / 100 points
    Weymouth 2nd: Played 14 / 83 points

    Weymouth are pretty well certain to be relegated. They need to win both their final games and get at least 36 points in the process whilst hoping that none of the other involved teams get enough points to beat their maximum possible total of 123. This just isn't going to happen. Beaminster need six points from their last two games - the final one against W&C - to avoid the drop. Stalbridge could yet go down if they lose their final two games and get no more than about 2 or 3 points in the process.


    The club's much delayed Middleton Hands cup match against Farmers was postponed once more last week. It is now scheduled for this evening (Monday 18th) at Broadwindsor.


    The club is sorry to hear that Dave Hall (Long Dog) has decided to hang up his boots in order to give more time to his many other interests. Dave has been a stalwart of the club for many years and his steady and calm approach to bowling and batting and his good influence on younger players will be much missed, as will his be his advice and influence at committee. We hope to see him around the Rec ground for many years to come.


    At the request of the Dorset Cricket Board the club is hosting a representative match between Dorset and East Devon U9s. This will be on 28th August from10.00am to 4.00pm.

    This will be an excellent opportunity to see the up and coming players from both counties and should be a good family day out.

    Beaminster U9s are playing this coming Friday at the Rec ground in a friendly against Bridport.


    Broadwindsor and Beaminster, two clubs that share a lot besides players, will be having joint indoor cricket nets at Beaminster school from next February onwards. Many players turn out for both clubs and it seems to make sense to strengthen these ties and share costs at the same time. The practice sessions will be on Thursday evenings from mid-February to late April. More details nearer the time.


    Youth coach Ross Baker has arranged for the indoor winter nets practice to start on Saturday 11th October at 10.00 - 11.00am. This is slightly later than usual this year as Ross is pretty busy in September with his nuptials.

    The mobile net cage at the Rec ground will be taken down this week, slightly earlier than usual. It has been damaged by people using it as a football net.




    The long trip to Wimborne was well worth the effort as the 1st XI recorded a much-needed and very welcome victory. The result cheered everybody and gave fresh impetus for the season's final run-in.


    South Dorset's roads were chock-a-block last Saturday and the several cars carrying Beaminster's players to the ground were all delayed and arrived after the scheduled start time. Thus the match was reduced to 41 overs per side. Batting first Beaminster were immediately into their stride and Richie Runyard was unfortunate to fall early on to an excellent catch from a full-blooded cover drive. Thereafter the score moved along briskly thanks mainly to a blistering 40 in 35 minutes from Ross Baker and a quick-fire 32 from Dave Persey in 27 minutes. At the other end Jack Walklett maintained his new-found limpet form proving just about impossible to winkle out . Opening the innings he stayed at the crease for 158 minutes and in the process scored his maiden half century (52) for the club. The W&C bowlers could not get him out, so Jack did them a favour and got himself out - run out trying a very risky single. The other chief contributor to Beaminster's total of 204 was extras - 43 of them, including 30 no balls. The generosity of the W&C bowlers was much appreciated, giving a couple of batting bonus points to us.

    When it came W&C's turn to bat they never looked likely win. They immediately fell behind the required run rate, being 30-2 after 10 overs. Wickets fell regularly and the run rate never picked up until the last wicket pair were at the crease. Then, with the score at 112-9 visions of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory arose as the final pair put on 31 in quick time and raised the spectre of an horrendous loss. It's happened before and the team was distinctly nervous and mightily relieved when Dave Persey clean bowled their danger man for 59. Wickets were well distributed amongst the bowlers with Jack getting the best figures (4-32) followed by Dave (2-19), Adie Phillips (2-31) and Ross (2-38).

    This was a comprehensive win for the team and well deserved. All players contributed and the two youth players called into the side (Leo Gurd and Ollie James) acquitted themselves well.


    Results to date mean that the 1st XI now finds itself in a relegation dogfight in County Division 2. The situation at the foot of the table is:
    Stalbridge 2nds: Played 13, 110 points
    W&C 3rds: Played 14, 99 points
    Beaminster: Played 13, 95 points
    Weymouth 2nds: Played 13, 80 points

    Two of these teams will relegated to County Division 3. Our remaining three games are against Portland RT, Bournemouth 3rds and, on the final day of the season, Wimborne & Colehill 3rds. It could well be that the fight will go to the last day of the season with the winner of Beaminster versus W&C staying up. Weymouth look favourites for one of the relegation spots.



    16TH AUGUST: 1ST XI versus PORTLAND RT (H)



    We're now into the final month of the season, though for the 2nd XI it finished with their game last Saturday. Hopes of organising a friendly for them this Saturday fell through so unless one can be set up they have played their last until next May. It's a long time with no cricket. The 1st XI's game last weekend was washed out by the heavy overnight rain, one of very few in Dorset to be so affected. The rain clouds appeared to be trapped by Beaminster's surrounding hills and dropped their load on the Rec ground.


    There was to be no final game win as the team went down at Bere Regis. Batting first Beaminster could muster only 69, a long way short of their near-300 of the week before. Only Dave Persey (22) and Shaun Annetts (17) reached double figures. This was never likely to be enough to seriously trouble Bere Regis and so it proved. They reached their target in 15 overs for the loss of three wickets to Justin Gurd (2) and Shane Parker (1).

    It is very disappointing that the team did not manage a single league victory, the more so for the players who turned out week after week and showed their support to the club and to each other. Despite the poor results team morale was high throughout the season and many games were very competitive and with a bit more luck could have gone Beaminster's way. It is no mean feat that teams were put out every Saturday, something that quite a few clubs were unable to do.

    The club is very appreciative of the players who turned out and of the team spirit that prevailed under the captaincy of Justin Gurd, who has done a good job in difficult circumstances.


    Beaminster Reds recorded an excellent win last Tuesday against the Mapperton Marauders in this much-delayed Middleton Hands cup match. In a game reduced to 10 overs per side due to impending wet weather Beaminster fielded only 8 players due to three late withdrawals. The Marauders looked set for a huge total as ex-Beaminster player Ally Crawford took advantage of numerous gaps in the field. However when he was dismissed by Dave Persey for 33 their innings stalled as William Murley, Ross Baker and Jack Walklett all bowled tightly to restrict them to 96, still a formidable score in a 10-over game. The Beaminster innings started well as Bradley Dammon and Hugh Rathbone (19no) built a solid foundation. When the former was dismissed for an aggressive 44 Ross Baker (31no) guided Beaminster home with three consecutive sixes in the 9th over to ensure their cup hopes remain alive.


    Last night was party night for the club's youth players as their successful season was celebrated in style with a 2-hour practice session, a fabulous cricket tea provided by Melanie Keenan and her band of volunteers, a match between the players and parents, and awards and certificates for all the players. It was a glorious sunny evening and with 20 players and about 60 parents and well wishers to support them it was one of the best attended events ever put on by the club. It shows the extent of support for the youth players of the club, a very encouraging sign indeed.

    All the youth players have contributed well to the club and their teams. Coaches Ross Baker and Jack Walklett made the following awards to them:

    With youth players already having broken through into the senior sides the club confidently expects that more will do so in the coming seasons. Next season the club will field an U-15 side as the present youths inexorably get older.


    Some will already have noticed that within the last few days a new bench has appeared around the perimeter of the Rec ground. Located under the large beech tree next to the scorehut the seat was placed there by Julie Ramshaw as a memorial to her father - Brian Newbery. This is a very fitting memorial to Brian, and one that he would approve of, located as it is in one of his favourite places for viewing the efforts of his beloved club.

    The seat bears a simple inscription:

    Smile when you remember him


    MRC 08/08/14


    Another eventful weekend for the club's senior teams, with most of the notable events occurring in the 2nd XI's game at home to Marnhull 2nds. In a near-600 run thriller we just lost out. Details below.


    The 1st XI were pretty confident of success against the division's bottom team but that is not how it turned out, as the team went down to a disappointing loss. Batting first Beaminster got off to a shaky start with Jack Walklett and Dan Hillier both back in the pavilion without troubling the scorers and with only 7 runs on the board. But then opener Fred Everitt (19) and Richie Runyard (24) put on 48 runs in six overs without seeming in the slightest difficulty and making batting look easy. Just when recovery from the poor start seemed accomplished the stand was broken and the score tumbled from 55-2 to 75-8. Another mid-order batting collapse and not for the first time this season. Some modicum of respectability was given to the score (110) by the last wicket stand of 35 between Hugh Rathbone (25) and Brian Earl (8no). This was never likely to be enough however. On a hot sultry day the innings was played in an almost eerie total silence as the Weymouth players seemed not to believe in banter or mutual encouragement.

    Our bowlers got off to a good start with only 22 runs coming in the first 10 overs. However with such a small total to defend shortage of overs was never likely to be a problem for Weymouth. The run rate then increased significantly mainly due to aggressive batting from Andrew Jones. Playing in only his second ever league match he clubbed 56no and destroyed whatever hopes of victory Beaminster may have harboured. The winning score was reached in 27 overs, little over half the allotted number. Wickets were shared by all three of our bowlers - Jack (1), Adie Phillips (2) and Will Everitt (2).


    Beaminster scored 285 runs against Marnhull 2nds but lost by 11 runs. For the second time this season the difference was the batting of Marnhull's Barry Lewis, their ex-Dorset county player who these days gets his kicks out of amassing huge scores against the Dorset league's lower teams.

    Batting first, Marnhull amassed 296-2 with the aforesaid BL getting 169no, apparently his highest ever score. May it give him much satisfaction. Credit to the Beaminster bowlers and fielders who stuck gamely to their task on a hot humid day with a lightning fast outfield.

    Far from having a demoralising effect the score acted as a spur and captain Justin Gurd's batters went out determined to 'have a go'. And indeed they made a tremendous effort. Leading the way were openers Dave Penman (110) and Dean Hyett (90 off 45 balls) with a century opening stand. Dave batted 37 overs for his highest ever score (anything BL can do...). Wickets went quickly in the final run chase with debutant Dave Spiller the next highest scorer on 22. With Justin at the wicket and 25 runs needed off the final 3 overs, the task was just too much.

    But all credit to the team for their best batting performance of the season by a long way and for not giving up in the face of a massive score.

    The team's final match this season is against high-flying Bere Regis, who last Saturday scored 281. Could be another day of big scores.


    Next Thursday 7th August youth team coaches Ross Baker and Jack Walklett are organising an awards evening at the Rec ground. There will be a coaching session by Ross and Jack from 4-6pm followed by a short match, tea in the pavilion and then the presentation of awards to the players. This will be a fun evening and all players, parents and supporters are invited to attend.

    The youth players have had a tremendous season and this will be a fine way to thank them and their parents for all their efforts and help. Please contact Ross and Jack for more details.


    The date of the club's end-of-season awards night has been postponed from September to November 14th. This has been done to accommodate the nuptials of Rosco and Laura. These are due to occupy the whole of September and Rosco has declined to change his wedding date, reasonably so or not reasonably so, depending on your point of view.


    (Final fixture of the season).



    A specialist issue this time concentrating on the final games of our junior sides and some of the stats for the U13s. The season has now finished for the youngsters and a pretty good one it has been too. They are a credit to themselves, their club and their coaches who have put in so much work to nurture them along.


    Against Martinstown, one of the strongest teams in the league, the U13s scored a very notable victory. Asked to bat first Beaminster got off to the worst possible start with William Murley clean bowled by the first ball - from county bowler Jamie Stewart. Panic then seemed to set in as Beaminster then suffered four (4!) run outs in quick succession. They seemed to fear the reputation of their opponents, rather than playing the ball on merit, and tried to avoid the strike end. The highest scorer was captain Jordan Nottley (9) who also fell to a run out. Extras was by far the highest scorer as Beaminster closed on 75-9 after 20 overs. Not a very good score.

    At the interval the players received the 'hair dryer' treatment made famous by Alex Ferguson and were instructed to bowl straight and 'attack' the batters. The response was impressive as opening bowlers Fergus Rees and Jordan Nottley took vital early wickets. The player of the match however was the excellent James Page who took 4-6 off 3.1 overs. James has improved impressively this season by increasing his run up and bowling straight. All his wickets were clean bowled, due to control and ability to move the ball around in the air - a lethal combination. Fergus finished with 2-18, Jordan with 2-7 and Toby Pattemore with 1-7 as Martinstown fell for 58.. The fielding was excellent with one run out, two outstanding catches by Jordan and one by Lewis. The fielding and bowling were superb in this game - but a winter of hard work is required to improve the frequent batting horrors.

    The season finished with another victory, this time against Charlton Down. Both sides could raise a team of 10 players only, with Beaminster's frontline players Fergus Rees, James Page and wicket keeper Harry Kilcoyne all unavailable. Charlton Down batted first and made an excellent total of 120-7 off 20 overs. With a fast outfield and aggressive stroke play they were difficult to contain. Six bowlers took a wicket apiece - Leo Gurd, Jordan Nottley, Kelvin David, Oliver James, Lewis Keenan and Ben Leather. An excellent run out by Jordan completed the wicket-taking.

    Despite the high total the Beaminster top order batsmen approached the run chase with maturity as they played carefully against the opening bowlers. Two key partnerships developed between Jordan and Kai Hull-Nun (13) and then Jordan (25, retired) and Lewis (27, retired). The watching crowd were entertained to some excellent stroke play from all the top order batters. With overs running out it was left to Oliver James to calmly see Beaminster to victory (121-4) in the penultimate over. This was a superb match played in the right spirit - well done to both sides.

    Some selected stats for the U13s include:
    ~ Best Bowling: Fergus Rees 5-4 versus Dorchester; James Page 4-6 versus Martinstown
    ~ Best Batting: Jordan Nottley 26 versus Bere Regis and 25 (retired) versus Charlton Down; Lewis Keenan 28 (retired) versus Bridport; 26 (retired) versus Cerne Valley; and 27 (retired) versus Charlton Down. Toby Pattemore 25 (retired) versus Cerne Valley.
    ~ Leading Wicket Takers: Fergus Rees - 13; James Page - 8
    ~ Leading Run Scorers: Lewis Keenan and Jordan Nottley - 81
    ~ Most Catches: Jordan Nottley - 5

    Ross Baker


    The U11s lost their A Masters cup semi final against an extremely impressive Martinstown, easily the best side faced this season. Batting first, three of Martinstown's top four batters (including a county and a district player) retired after 25. The only early wicket came via a beauty from Reuben Jolliffe and was added to by late wickets from Kelvin David and Toby Pattemore.

    When it came Beaminster's turn to bat a superb spell of bowling by Martinstown's Will Maltby (1-1 in 4 overs) never allowed the innings to take off. Five of Beaminster's batsmen failed to trouble the scorers and the runs came from Toby Pattemore (8), Tom Kiddle (7) who batted just two balls short of the 20 overs and Kelvin David (11) with some late order runs.

    The season finished with their best performance yet, a fine win against Charlton Down. Skipper Ben Leather won the toss and elected to field and lead by example, with his first two overs going for just two runs. Tom Kiddle took the first wicket closely followed by two from Kilcoyne to put Charlton Down on the back foot. Toby Pattemore then picked up 2-5 from his three overs, though credit must be given to all the bowlers for keeping it tight and restricting the score to 238.

    Beaminster got off to a flyer thanks to an opening stand of 33 between Tom Kilcoyne and Reuben Jolliffe, the latter smashing three fours in his knock of 16. This was followed by a partnership of 27 between the in-form batsman Toby Pattemore (18) and debutante Lily Anderton who handled herself very well, keeping the bowlers at bay for her 1 not out. This allowed the final two pairs to bat sensibly and look after their wickets which all did successfully. Kelvin David (9), Tom Kiddle (2), Ben Leather (1) and Charlie King (2) were all not out. This is the first time anyone could remember a Beaminster U11 side not losing a wicket in the whole innings - a remarkable achievement. Beaminster finished on 282, their highest score of the season.

    Jack Walklett

    So, another season gone for the youth of the club. It has been a good one, and much to look forward to in 2015.



    Cliffhanger games for the senior sides this last weekend - and unfortunately it was our teams that fell over the edge and disappeared from view. Both losses were particularly hard to take. England lose in Brazil, England lose at Headingly, Murray loses at Wimbledon, rugby loses in New Zealand. None of these really matter. Beaminster lose a couple of games. Now that does matter.


    In their first home game of the season the 1st XI lost out to Stalbridge 2nds in a game they really should have won quite comfortably. Batting first on a lively pitch a score of 176 all out was reached. The first three wickets fell fairly quickly after a brisk start with boundaries coming easily to openers Fred Everitt and Jack Walklett. Both were then out for 13 apiece and Will Everitt followed quickly. But then the middle order batted well with Ross Baker top scoring (50) followed by good contributions from Hugh Rathbone (30) and Adie Phillips (25). Rosco was out next ball after reaching his half century, blaming loss of concentration occasioned by the cheering crowd. At 157-5 things were looking good but then only 19 more runs were added for the last five wickets as quick runs were sought. But 176 was still a reasonable total.

    Stalbridge got off to a very slow start, 20-1 after 10 overs, thanks to tight bowling from Rosco and Murray Legg. Their middle order disappeared in a flurry of wickets, falling from 57-2 to 58-6 in three overs. A home victory seemed inevitable. Perhaps the players relaxed too soon, perhaps Stalbridge put their best players in after six wickets fell. Who knows. But when the seventh wicket fell at 163, a stand of 105, it had won the game for Stalbridge. Not that the batsmen played faultlessly - at least four catches were put down. If any one of them had stuck, then the result may well have been very different. Pick of the bowlers were Adie (3-43), Murray (2-38) and Jack (2-45).

    Name coincidences (1): (Stalbridge's) Nettley caught (Beaminster's) Nottley.


    In an unusual match at Parley (Bournemouth) Beaminster just lost out in a thriller. Batting first on a rough and unfit pitch Beaminster could only reach 56. Toby James top scored with 9 as wickets tumbled at a frenetic pace. When it came to Parley's turn they fared little better but crept over the finishing line with two wickets to spare. Dave Persey was the main man with 4-11 (including a stunning one-handed diving catch off his own bowling) closely followed by captain Justin Gurd with 3-22. We rather generously contributed to Parley's total, with about 25% of it coming from extras, not a good thing in such a low scoring game.

    Despite the loss Justin reports good ream spirit and everyone is enjoying their cricket, despite the losses.


    Another close game with local rivals Bridport saw Beaminster lose out in this delayed Chaffey Cup match last Monday. On a sunny evening in front of a large crowd Bridport batted first and lost both openers, clean bowled, to Fergus Rees and Jordan Nottley. After three consecutive boundaries Fergus then clean bowled Bridport's number 3 and the visitors looked in trouble at 16-3. The middle order batters recovered the situation however and boundaries began to flow. Toby Pattemore and Ben Leather took wickets as Bridport finished on 97-5. This was a much improved bowling performance as Beaminster conceded half the extras given away the week before. In reply Bridport bowled well and took wickets regularly. The highlight of the run chase was a superb hook shot for six by the ever-improving William Murley. Jordan top scored with 13 as Beaminster were all out for 70. After the previous week's batting heroics against Cerne this was a rather disappointing display but credit must go to the excellent Bridport attack.

    If the Beaminster and Bridport lads keep their interest in cricket and continue to play for their local clubs then there will be many more local derbies between them. For 40 years or more going by the ages of some players today.


    The first notification of the club's annual dinner and awards night - this is scheduled for 19th September in our traditional venue - the Red Lion. They always put on a good evening for us. Note the date in your diaries - the more of us the merrier.


    The Newsletter's staff is away on holiday next week and regrets there will be no edition next week and maybe the week after that too.




    With a day off last Saturday for the 1st XI with no fixture due to the withdrawal of Blandford from the league, all eyes were on the 2nd XI's trip to Cranborne. They didn't disappoint, going down in a keenly fought game. A bit of vandalism at the Rec ground, news of a change of chairman and a loss for the U13s completed the cricketing week.


    Remarkably the 1st XI has yet to play a game at the Rec ground, and we're halfway through the season. The three home games due to be played were all cancelled due to wet pitches. So this Saturday's scheduled fixture against Stalbridge provides the first opportunity for home supporters to see the team in action. Let's hope there is a decent turnout to mark the occasion.


    The team went off to north Dorset confident of success and strengthened by the addition of first teamer Jack Walklett, unable to bear the idea of a cricketless Saturday. The game started, with Cranborne batting first, under black lowering skies that threatened a deluge at any moment. Perhaps the threatening skies inhibited the Cranborne team or our bowlers were just too good for them, but runs came very slowly indeed - 18 in the first 10 overs and after 30 overs the score had moved along to only 91-5. But then the game's mood changed and Cranborne made merry by scoring 85 runs in the final 10 overs - virtually doubling the score in the period and finishing on 176-7. Dave Persey (1-17), Rob Meech (1-19), Jack Walklett (1-23) and captain Justin Gurd (1-36) all bowled tidily and economically. Ollie Boxall was the chief wicket taker (3) but they came at a price of runs conceded.

    The rain that had seemed imminent all afternoon finally came as Cranborne's innings ended, and tea was taken as the deluge fell. But after half an hour it was over and the wicket perfectly playable, though with a slow outfield. Beaminster's innings closely followed the pattern of Cranborne's, with runs hard to come by. After 10 overs the score was 25-0 and only 73-5 after 30 overs. Although the rate increased as Beaminster sought a by now unlikely win with 68 coming in the final 10 overs (again, a near doubling), the game ended with the score at 141-7. Just left the charge a bit late. The chief run-getters were Shaun Annetts (34), Jack Walklett (17), Dave Persey (34) and Justin Gurd (35 not out). The game finished in dazzling sunshine but the Beaminster batters could not quite match it.


    Last Thursday, on a gloomy evening with dark threatening skies, the two sides decided to play an 18-over game despite the wet conditions. Cerne won the toss and batted with county player Tao White racing to 26 (retired) in the first over after smashing the ball to all parts of the ground. The Beaminster bowlers struggled to contain the top order and the wet ball as the runs came at an alarming rate. After 6 overs the score had raced to 63-1 and a huge total looked likely. However Cerne were then pegged back due to two fine catches from William Murley, a runout from Jordan Nottley and wickets from James Page, Fergus Rees and William. Unfortunately the Beaminster change bowlers conceded too many extras which helped the home team to close on 141-5.

    The Beaminster reply started badly as two wickets fell in the first two overs. However an excellent partnership between Lewis Keenan (26, retired) and 10-year old Toby Pattemore (25, retired) rescued the visitors. With Harry Kilcoyne (13 not out) and James Page (5 not out) continuing the momentum Beaminster closed on a very respectable 97-2. This was a superb batting display but the bowlers need to reduce the extras, adapting to conditions and using variations against aggressive opponents.


    The threat of vandalism or worse is ever-present at the Rec ground and its buildings. Some not-so-serious damage was inflicted on the practice net last week, with the frame pulled apart and the netting ripped in places. Could have been worse, but a reminder of the threat. Security has recently been stepped up at the score hut building. Thanks to Mark Pattemore, Adrian Everitt and Laura Anderton for helping to repair the net.


    The Saturday morning practice sessions for the club's youth players, taken by Ross Baker, Jack Walklett, Chris Lamb and Mark Pattemore remain as popular as ever. Last Saturday 19 youngsters, including three girls, were put through their paces. They all thoroughly enjoy it and are a credit to the club. Already some of the older youngsters have turned out for the club at senior level.


    One of the club's long-standing friendly games, against the Rustics touring side from Kent, takes place on 8th July. The game is keenly fought and drunk over, with the prize being an enormous silver cup that dwarfs the trophy currently being fought for in Brazil. If any player is willing and able to turn out for the game, which starts at 11.30, please contact Ross Baker. With a lunch and tea break at the Greyhound and supper in the Red Lion, there is much to look forward to.


    The current chairman of the club, Marcus Chambers, is standing down from the committee at November's AGM. The club is seeking a replacement and anyone wishing to take the role is invited to contact club secretary Brian Page.




    It seems hardly anytime since the season started but already it is more than half way through for the 2nd XI. They have only six more matches to play from their 14-game fixture list before their season ends on 2nd August. The 1st XI reach their half way point after their next game, which is not this coming weekend. Rather they have a 'free' Saturday due to the withdrawal of Blandford from the division.

    It is with some regret that the club has received notice that Simon Jones has decided to hang up his boots and retire from competitive cricket.


    As mentioned briefly above Simon has decided that the time is opportune for him to retire from club competitive cricket. Although he will continue to support the club in off-pitch activities and friendly games he has played his final competitive league match for the Beaminster CC. Unless he changes his mind, which frankly we hope he does.

    Simon has been a wonderful contributor to the club both on and off the field for 25 years. Everybody ever associated with the club over that period is fully aware of Simon's contribution with bat and ball. It is unparalleled. Virtually every season he has headed both bowling and batting averages. He is no mean performer in the field too. He has been the model club cricketer and a wonderful role model to both young and older players as well. All have learnt from him, not just about technical issues but also how to play the game in the proper spirit with respect for team mate and opponent alike.

    Simon is well known throughout Dorset cricketing circles and will be missed from that scene as well as the local one. The club wishes Simon all the very best for his future endeavours and wonders just how he will now spend his cricketless Saturdays. If time hangs heavy there is something for him to do at the Rec ground.

    It seems a little trite to say 'Thank you' for all that Simon has done for the club. But that is what everybody associated with Beaminster CC, past and present, will want to say. Thanks for all you have done Simon, the club is grateful and honoured that you decided 25 years ago to give your talents and time so freely to it.


    Another hot day saw the 1st XI go down by a large margin at league leaders Cattistock. Batting first Beaminster reached a reasonable total of 176 for 6 off their 45 overs. At one stage it looked pretty grim with the score on 70 for 6 and runs coming only slowly. Amongst the top order batsmen only Jack Walklett (18) offered successful resistance, staying at the crease for 90 minutes. Cattistock's opening bowlers were fast and hostile, perhaps the quickest faced this season. But fortunately they were also incredible erratic and of the 42 runs that came in the first hour, 21 were extras. In total there were 53 extras from the bowlers.

    With the score at 70 Adey Philipps came out to join Adam Herring and the pair not only survived the remaining overs but upped the scoring rate and made Cattistock's players run around the sweltering ground and wish they were somewhere else. The partnership realised 106 before they ran out of overs with Adam on 25 and Adey on 60.

    When it came their turn to bat Cattistock's openers, as they have done regularly to opposition bowlers this season, showed scant respect for the bowlers. Openers John Legg (88no) and Mike White (60) put on 120 for the first wicket in 18 overs. Thereafter the result was scarcely in doubt and the game was over in the 25th over for the loss of one more wicket.

    Some light relief, though not for the unfortunate Will Everitt, was provided by Tilly, Cattistock's sniffer dog. Trained to search for lost balls in the deep undergrowth just beyond the boundary, Tilly was called into service to help in the search for one particularly elusive ball. Will entered the dense growth to help Tilly but received a bite for his troubles. It then transpired that Tilly doesn't like anyone to help her, but this vital information was not, though it should have been, passed on before the event.


    Wimborne and Colehill 4ths won the toss and elected to bat first, a decision which they probably did not regret. In their 40 overs they amassed a total of 270-3, with opener S Ingram closing on 185 not out. It was a pretty thankless task for our bowlers and fielders but they stuck well to the job. The most successful bowler was Shane Parker with 3 for 15 off six overs. Terry Field and Jordan Nottley also bowled well but without wickets.

    Perhaps tired and disheartened Beaminster offered little resistance with the bat and were all out for 101 in 27 overs. Shaun Annetts reached his season's best score with a determined 32. The other main contributors were Shane Parker (18) and Jordan Nottley (10 not out). It's good to see the youngster making such a good start to his Beaminster career.

    A tough afternoon and well done to the team for staying with it.


    Beaminster's U9s (258) beat Puddletown U9s (222) last week on a warm summer's evening. It was another solid win for the team. Batting first Beaminster's main contributors were Kelvin David (29) and Toby Pattemore (23). Noah House also showed good positive intent with a well constructed 18, including two boundaries. In reply Puddletown fell well short of their target. Noah bowled economically and there was a first ever wicket for Lily Anderson. This was an encouraging performance by an enthusiastic team.


    The Dorset Cricket Board is requesting all cricketers and supporters in the county to complete the National Cricket Playing Survey. This can be done at National Cricket Playing Survey 2014 - 0%

    The Board's Director of Cricket Development (Keith Brewer) writes 'Tell us your thoughts and influence cricket in Dorset. The DCB will be discussing the results of the survey with all leagues and organisers of local cricket later in the year. Maybe you are entirely happy or want to see changes in league structure or playing formats. Decisions will be taken on what the survey says.'

    One suggestion being touted here in Beaminster is for the reintroduction of the draw as a valid result its own right. Thus matches can finish as a draw - not just win or lose. Anybody who saw the completion of the thrilling drawn match between England and Sri Lanka last week cannot doubt that a draw is a valid result if you fight for it.


    23rd June 2014


    The weather has finally taken a marked turn for the better and there were no wicket problems for the senior teams last weekend. Plenty of other problems though as both teams went down rather heavily. Our youngsters continue to shine though and there were some remarkable performances from them before and during the weekend.


    On one of the hottest days of the year the 1st XI were forced to endure a long hot afternoon chasing the ball around the Portland pitch as the home team amassed 309 for 6 wickets in their 45 overs. Runs came easily throughout their innings as the first wicket put on 140 and pretty well every batsman made a significant score. None of the six bowlers restrained the batsmen and the wickets were shared amongst four of them - Ade Phillips (2-66), Jack Walklett (1-81), Adam Herring (2-60) and Rob Meech (1-34).

    Chasing leather on a hot day is not the ideal preparation for batting when faced with a big score. The innings started well though with Chris Lamb and Jack Walklett seeing off the opening bowlers without undue difficulty to put on 60 for the first wicket. After Jack went (23) the wickets fell regularly and there were no more stands of note. Chris batted exceptionally well and eventually fell for 80, the equal highest score by a Beaminster batsman this season. It wasn't enough however and the innings ended in the 43rd over for a total of 151.


    The 2nd XI suffered pretty much in the same way as their clubmates down at Portland. A lot of the afternoon was spent running around in the heat as Bere Regis built up an impressive 253-3 from their 40 overs. Eight Beaminster bowlers were used but none could really restrict the flow of runs, particularly in the latter part of the innings as 77 runs came from the final 10 overs. The first wicket put on 164 and it was 150 minutes before the bowlers had any success. There was a brief flurry of wickets as Ryan Sweetman got two in two balls and Dave Hall took a third in the next over. But any hopes of a remarkable turnaround in fortunes did not materialise.

    An interesting, and important, feature for the club was the inclusion of four players from the U13 side - Leo Gurd, Lewis Keenan, Jordan Nottley and James Page. All of them acquitted themselves well and there is little doubt that they have a bright future at the club should they so wish it. With the exception of James, all of them bowled and did not look out of place at all. Jordan, one of the opening bowlers, finished with creditable figures of 8-1-40-0 and was amongst the most economical bowlers of the day.

    Beaminster's first wicket fell at four and thereafter rather regularly. Opener Dave Hall got 29 but the best innings of the day came from Shane Parker, who, coming in at number 7, made 67 not out. This was a fine innings and the pity was that he ran out of partners. Although the nine other batsmen failed to reach double figures there was more resolve to the batting than on previous occasions with wickets generally not lost to rash strokes and blind heaves. For example Toby James stayed for 40 minutes for his eight runs. Nevertheless the innings ended on 140.


    This was the U13's biggest scalp: to beat Dorchester by 8 wickets was a fantastic achievement for the boys. After Dorchester elected to bat opening bowler Fergus Rees bowled a terrific spell: 4 wickets in 12 balls, all clean bowled. At 18-5 it was looking bleak for the home team. It was a struggle for all the batters as wickets fell regularly, with James Page (2 wickets), Lewis Keenan (1) and Toby Pattemore (1) all finding success. It was only fitting for Fergus to return and take the final wicket thanks to Jordan taking a fine diving catch. Fergus finished with figures of 5 for 4 off 3.4 overs.

    In reply Beaminster's openers played cautiously and successfully negotiated the opening bowlers. Although both openers were dismissed the target was reached in the 12th over thanks to an unbroken stand from Jordan (10no) and James (3no).


    West U12s, with rising Beaminster stars Lewis Keenan and Fergus Rees, beat South on Sunday. After the game Fergus received the match ball from the umpire for his amazing figures of 6 for 11 off 4.2 overs. With his five wickets earlier in the week against Dorchester, Fergus's figures for the week are 11 for 15. Quite remarkable.


    16th June 2014


    The weather continued to play havoc with the club's fixtures last Saturday. Heavy overnight rain that continued until 10.00am on Saturday left the Rec ground with standing water on the wicket and an outfield comparable to an Amazonian swamp. The 1st XI fixture against Weymouth 2nds never stood a chance. Strangely however the rest of the county seemed little affected by rain and every other fixture in the league's eight divisions was played and completed as scheduled.


    After the completion of this rout the 2nd XI probably wished their game too had been cancelled. Batting first Marnhull scored freely from the off and throughout their innings to reach 209-5 in their 40 overs. Top scorer was Barry Lewis (72, runs not age), ex-Dorset county player from many years ago. He never looked in any difficulty and was finally out to a sharp caught-and-bowled by Justin Gurd - a wicket he can feel proud of. None of our bowlers dominated the bat and wickets were shared between Ross Baker (1-35), Rob Meech (2-26), Justin Gurd (1-42) and Dave Hall (1-45).

    Beaminster's batting never really got off the ground and wickets fell regularly and frequently until the innings ended on 83 in the 21st over. Ross Baker was the only player to reach double figures and had the misfortune to be run out for 49 by a direct throw from mid-off after attempting a quick single at the end of an over to try and keep the bowling.

    A notable player in the Marnhull side was Jemma Sullivan, a young lady who can both bowl and field, and probably bat as well, though she never got the chance for the latter. Coming on to bowl near the end of the innings she finished with figures of 2.2-1-3-2 to add to her two catches earlier in the game. She sets a good example for any girl wanting to play regular league cricket including the girls who are turning up for Beaminster's Saturday morning youth coaching sessions.


    This was an excellent derby game. The majority of players know each other through attending the same schools. Beaminster won the toss and elected to bat, but runs were hard to come by against some fierce fast bowling. Harry Kilcoyne showed great determination as he held the innings together with a well made 15. At 34-5 Beaminster looked on for a low score but then William Murley (7no) and Lewis Keenan (28no) shared an excellent 43-run partnership to close the innings on 77 from the 20 overs.

    In reply Bridport's openers went on the attack straight away. However opening bowlers Fergus Rees and Jordan Nottley both took wickets to ensure Beaminster stayed in the match. The tidy bowling was somewhat undermined by costly fielding errors including overthrows. Bridport won the game in the 17th over for the loss of 3 wickets.

    The Beaminster players can feel proud of the way they bowled and batted against a side they lost heavily to last year. There is room for improvement in the fielding however and they must work hard on this to ensure future success in tight games.




    The wretched weather of the previous week relented and allowed nearly all Dorset games to proceed over the weekend. Bridport's home game was one of only two to be cancelled, the pitch apparently still too wet. But the rest didn't seem to do our teams too much good - both lost their games.

    For the record, the only match to start, and even more surprisingly to finish, was at Pimperne. It seems the rain washed all around mid-Dorset but not on it. But it didn't help the home team who reached 169 all out in reply to Broadstone 3rd's 201 for 8.


    The eight Beaminster bowlers tried out at Cerne Valley's ground last Saturday couldn't prevent the home side from racking up a good score (199). Yet it all started so very promisingly. Opening bowlers Ross Baker and Murray Legg restricted the score to only 19 from the first 10 overs and the change bowlers also did well so that after 20 overs the score was 39. But this was the start of a well-crafted innings - the next 10 overs realised 45 runs, the next ten 54 runs and then a late onslaught saw 51 runs from the final five overs. Our wicket takers were Murray (1 -20), Indika Nanayakkara (3-27), Jack Walklett (3-17) and Simon Jones (3-38). This was a day when catches didn't stick. Several went to hand but didn't stay there and this undoubtedly added many runs to Cerne's total. Conversely we gave away few extras (8) so congratulations to the bowlers and Richie Runyard behind the stumps for keeping this contribution to a miserly level.

    Our batting got off to a start very similar to Cerne's - being 22 after 10 overs, 54 after 20 overs and 67 after 25 (the same as Cerne Valley). The first wicket fell at 54 (Simon Jones, 39) after nearly an hour's batting. But thereafter all similarity ended as wickets fell regularly and the scoring rate failed to pick up. The undoubted success in the batting stakes was Jack Walklett (17) who stayed at the crease for 110 minutes, the very model of concentration and style. More of such application would be a good trait for the team to acquire. There was a late flurry from Hugh Rathbone (35) and Dave Persey (11 no) to give the final score of 126 some respectability. Dave's initial rapid scoring was slowed somewhat when he took a ball full in the face but despite the blood flow he carried gamely on.


    In only their second game of the season the 2nd XI lost a close game with Stalbridge III. Batting first we got off to a reasonable start with Daves Penman (13) and Hall (10) putting on 21 for the first wicket. The fourth wicket fell at 53 and then Adam Herring and Rob Sweetman put on 67 for the fifth wicket before Adam was bowled for 37. Not a bad score at 120 for 4, but four balls later it was 120 for 8 and the game had turned dramatically. The innings then closed on 146 for 9 after the allotted 40 overs.

    When Stalbridge set off their innings paralleled Beaminster's for much of the time - they were 29 for 3 whilst we were 31 for 3. Stalbridge then had a match-winning stand of 81 for the 4th wicket which fell at 110. They had no 4-wickets-in-4-balls crisis and knocked off the winning run in the 36th over. The wickets were shared amongst five Beaminster bowlers - Terry Field (2-14), Rob Meech (1-22), Justin Gurd (1-25), Steve Parker (1-39) and Adam Herring (2-20).




    There's not a lot to report on this week. The weather on and before Saturday was foul and led to the cancellation of 35 of the 36 matches due to be played without a ball being bowled. The 1st XI have only lost one match to rain so far this season, but the 2nd XI have lost three out of their four fixtures. Very frustrating for all concerned.

    For the record, the only match to start, and even more surprisingly to finish, was at Pimperne. It seems the rain washed all around mid-Dorset but not on it. But it didn't help the home team who reached 169 all out in reply to Broadstone 3rd's 201 for 8.


    The weather relented somewhat on Saturday itself (after cancellation of the matches) and on Sunday thus allowing the club's friendly match to go ahead on Monday 26th. This fixture, after two years, has become a much-anticipated regular on the annual fixture list. A worthy commemoration for two of the club's leading players and supporters for many decades.

    Captains Nick David and Hugh Rathbone assembled two good teams worthy of the occasion. After two years, and already an entrenched tradition, the 'Newbery' team is comprised mainly of current Beaminster players whilst 'Hannam' consists mainly of past players who now rely on craft and guile rather than the strength and speed of the youngsters (?).

    Batting first in the 30-over game Newbery reached 113 with everyone getting a bat and runs except, remarkably, Ross Baker who left the scene with a bull roar after giving a simple catch. Indika Nanayakkara top-scored with 33, including two mighty sixes. All six of the Hannam bowlers got amongst the wickets - Mat Hansford (1-16), Simeon Stewart (1-10), Steve Northover (2-8), Martin Warbridge (2-35), Ian Hutchins (3-28), and Nick David (1-12). John and Richard Bugler, Brian Earl, Andy Frampton and Charlie Hannam made up the rest of the Hannam team.

    When it was their turn to bat Hannam knocked off the required runs without undue difficulty, the main contributors being Brian Earl (30), Andy Frampton (30 no), and Nick David (31). For both sides runs came slowly but when Steve Northover came in he whacked his first two balls for four and that was the end of the match. Seven bowlers tried their luck for the Newbery team - Ross Baker, Jack Walklett, Indika Nanayakkara (1-7), Dave Persey, Adey Philipps (3-31), Will Everitt and Richie Runyard. Hugh Rathbone, Chris Lamb, Rob Meech and Nick Hollely completed the Newbery team.

    The match was played in good spirits - how could it not be - and provided an excellent opportunity for past and present players to come together. The bar took record receipts and doubtless that helped the spirit and camaraderie of the occasion.

    Some notable moments from the match include:

    • two wickets in two balls from Adey PhilIpps to give the Newbery team some hope
    • Nick David surrounded by a ring of six slip fielders as he faced the hat-trick ball
    • Richie Runyard's brilliant arching backwards overhead catch to dismiss Ralph Bugler
    • Sledge to the wicket keeper -'You'd have caught that if it was a cup cake'
    • Conversation between wicket keeper and slip fielder 'Who'd have thought that would be my first chance?.
      'It wasn't'.
    • Brilliant catch by Nick David, totally belying age and alleged infirmity.

    Many thanks to all who turned out on the day to play, to help and to watch.


    The bad weather returned after Newbery versus Hannam and Tuesday's planned county game between Dorset West's and Dorset North's Under 12 sides failed to beat the returning rain. A great pity the lads did not get their chance to shine. No word of any rearrangement yet.

    2nd JUNE: U11s VERSUS PLUSH (H)



    Although the staff reporter is away on a well-deserved rest from the travails of reporting on the club's ups and downs, there is just time to send a final update before disappearing into the wilds of the Scottish Highlands where the internet has yet to penetrate. And very pleasingly there are three victories and a narrow defeat to report.


    Just the bare bones to report of a solid victory by the club's youngest representatives. Played last Monday the U9s beat local rivals Cerne Valley by a whacking 75 runs. Batting first Beaminster reached an impressive 302, with Toby Pattemore (34) and Thomas Kilcoyne (15) being the top scorers. In return Cerne Valley managed 227 with Ralphy Bugler and Toby the top wicket takers with 2 and 3 respectively. Another very impressive win for the team to continue their good start to the season.


    The U13s scored an excelllent total of 85-5 off 18 overs in their match against Bere Regis. Skipper Jordan Nottley top scored and then retired on 26, including 4 boundaries and a massive 6. Fergus Rees also batted sensibly and finished on 12 not out. Beaminster bowled well early in Bere Regis's innings and they struggled to keep up with the scoring rate. Wickets fell regularly and were shared between Fergus, James Page and Thomas Kilcoyne (still only 10 years old). Jordan took a brilliant catch. Just as the game seemed to be heading comfortably Beaminster's way a late onslaught by a debutant tail ender and some dropped catches suddenly left Bere Regis needing 8 off the last over to win. In a tense finale they managed only 7 to leave Beaminster to embark on wild celebrations as they won their first ever game.


    Batting first against Stalbridge 2nds Beaminster reached a very respectable total of 194-6 thanks in the main to a blistering 80 not out from Ross Baker. Ross has been threatening to take bowlers apart for some time and this was the day it happened. After a somwhat shaky start in which Will Everitt held things together with 28, Jack Walklett joined Ross and together they put on 107 for the sixth wicket, with Jack scoring an invaluable 21. Extras with 43 also helped our cause considerably. Stalbridge never really kept up with the pace and although a 4th-wicket stand of 73 kept them in the game their chances took a severe blow when their batsman S Miles was forced to retire injured on 41. Mark Barber came into the bowling and finished with the excellent figures of 9-2-13-5, his best return for a while. With Jack, Ross and Adey Phillips also chipping in with a wicket each, Stalbridge finished on 153-8 to enable Beaminster to record a very welcome and well deserved win.


    As the Newesletter goes to press there are no details available in northern Scotland to fill in the bare bones of the scores. In reply to Parley 5ths 174-9 Beaminster reached 155 all out. Nearly but not quite.




    The miserably wet start to the season continues. Yesterday 29 out of 35 (83%) Dorset league matches were cancelled or abandoned, up from 50% on the first day of the season. Many teams have yet to put bat to ball, including our own 2nd XI whose match against Cranborne was an early victim of the weather. The 1st XI escaped that fate but only because it had a free Saturday with no planned fixture. It's already shaping up to be another 2012 season, when about a third of the season's fixtures were cancelled or abandoned.


    Last Friday (9th May) however the Under 9s beat the weather and their opponents at the Memorial Ground to record a solid win. Batting first Beaminster scored 250 with skipper Toby Pattemore top scoring with 12. There were also useful contributions from Thomas Kilcoyne (6) and Ralphy Bugler (6). A particularly pleasing aspect of the innings was the excellent running between the wickets. In reply Bere Regis lost wickets regularly so rarely managed a positive score (over 200). Toby bowled excellently, finishing with 5 wickets. There were also wickets for Ralphy who took two with consecutive deliveries. The fielding was very pleasing with four runouts as Bere Regis closed on 198.


    The club's mobile cage net has now been erected and netted for use by anyone wishing to practise their game. All club players are invited to come along for net sessions on Thursday evenings from now until the end of the season. All players must still be a little rusty so early in the season with quite a few yet to play at all. The first game of the season is not the best time to have your first swing of the bat. or bowl.


    This friendly fixture, inaugurated last year to commemorate the contributions and deeds of two of the club's most outstanding players and servants, will be held this year on Bank Holiday Monday 26th May. Captains Nick David and Hugh Rathbone are assembling teams of present-day and former players. The game is played with friendly rivalry and much reminiscing of events from the old days as former players gather and relive past glories or debacles. The handsome trophy has been held for the past year by the Hannam team - can they hold on to it?? Come along and find out!!


    One of the least glamorous behind the scenes duty required to put out the club's teams every Saturday is that of the shirt washer. It's important to the image of the club for its representatives to be smartly dressed. Thus the club wishes this duty to be shared by many of its players - it is patently unfair for it to be done by the one or even the few. Thus each week the captains will seek a volunteer to take home the shirts and get them washed and ironed for the next game. You know it makes sense! Thanks.


    David Gower, one of the classiest players ever to turn out for England is speaking on The History of the Ashes at the Chalk Valley History Festival on Sunday June 29th at 11.30. The full programme and online tickets are available at www.cvhf.org.uk/ and from the ticket hotline on 01722 781133.

    This is an excellent chance to see and hear a legend of the game. As a personal reminiscence I saw him play in an England touring side in Malaysia in 1975 - and still remember his wonderfully stylish innings.



    The 2014 season is now underway, but it was a damp start. Exactly half the games in the eight divisions of the Dorset Cricket League were victims of the rain that fell so heavily during the week. Even though Saturday itself was pretty well perfect cricket weather, the damage had been done with too little time to recover. The 2nd XI's game at Wimborne was cancelled on the Friday. The 1st XI's game, due to be played in Beaminster, would have gone the same way but opponents Cattistock proposed a switch of venue to their ground. This offer was very readily taken up by team managers Ross Baker and Aidey Phillips. Cattistock have three large mobile covers and are thus able to protect their wicket.


    Although the 2nd XI's game was cancelled it was not before the team managers had spent considerable time and effort in trying to raise a full team. By Friday only nine players had committed to the game. This is where we left off last season - difficulties in putting out two teams.

    Hopefully things will improve this weekend with a home game coming up and the completion of the football season.

    But a reminder - failure to raise a team on two occasions means automatic expulsion from the league and major difficulties for the club.


    A good game played in an excellent spirit saw the first team go down by 77 runs. The game hinged on a 107-run 5th wicket stand between Cattistock's M. White (89) and Brad Damen (51). Prior to that Ross Baker, Aidey Phillips and Simon Jones had Cattistock's players on the defensive and runs were hard to come by. After 28 overs they were 90 for 4 with Beaminster in control and a lowish score seemed very much on the cards. But then White and Damen opened up and our bowlers took a hammering.with Jack Walklett, Indika Nanayakkara and Mark Barber the unfortunates who were very much on the receiving end. Both batters consistently hit the ball high and far but somehow it never went to hand, which on another day it may well have done. The damage would have been greater but for the wet and soft outfield - when the skied shots came down short of the boundary they pretty well buried themselves in the soft ground and what could have been a four became one or two. Eventually the fifth wicket fell (at 197) and Beaminster regained control - the last five wickets fell rapidly for only 11 runs.

    A pleasing aspect for our bowlers was that five of the seven claimed wickets - Ross Baker (1), Aidey Phillips (1), Simon Jones (3), Jack Walklett (2) and Dave Persey (2).

    The Beaminster openers Dan Hillier and Simon Jones got the innings off to a lively and untroubled start, with 41 runs on the board before Dan (19) was the first to go in the 10th over. After Simon's (32) departure wickets fell regularly with the main resistance coming from captain Richie Runyard (23), who played a careful watchful innings but the result was never in doubt as the scoring rate dropped considerably and was soon way behind the clock.

    Thus whilst not the hoped-for winning start there were signs that once the winter rustiness has worn off and more practice is gained the team will be more competitive.


    The League has changed the systems for awarding batting points this season. Teams now have to work harder for their bonus points:

    1) County Division 2 (1st XI): 100-124 runs, 1 point; 125-149, 2 points; 150-174, 3 points; 175-199, 4 points; 200+, 5 points

    2) County Division 6 (2nd XI): 75-99 runs, 1 point; 100-124, 2 points; 125-149, 3 points; 150-174, 4 points; 175+, 5points.


    The League has also amended rules concerning overs bowled in a match. In division 2, whilst matches remain at a maximum 45 overs, the maximum number to be bowled by an individual bowler is reduced from 12 to 10.

    In Division 6, matches have been reduced to a maximum of 40 overs and no more than eight can be sent down by any individual bowler.


    The 1st XI has no game - the free Saturday due to the late withdrawal of Ferndown Wayfarers Thirds from the league.

    The 2nd XI is at home to Cranborne 2nds, start at 1.30pm - as for all games this season.



    Well, it's here at last! The new season has started. After the rainiest winter on record let's hope the wet stuff is out of the way and over with for the next four months. Though at the time of writing it is not looking too great and the cricket ground is decidedly soggy.


    The club's first match was scheduled for last Thursday (24th) - a home match for the U13s against Weymouth - but it had to be cancelled as Weymouth could not raise a team. Very disappointing. After a winter of indoor practice our young lads were raring to go with the real thing.


    Last night (Monday 28th) the club recorded its first victory of the season. On a warm evening and in a light rain Jack Walklett's U11s beat off the challenge of Cerne Valley, county players and all. Cerne Valley batted first - and made a Nelson, 222. They were restricted by the two wickets of Toby Pattemore, the tight bowling of Kelvin David, Ben Leather and Reuben Joliffe as well as excellent fielding which yielded two run outs in one over. When it was our turn to bat we made 231 thanks to an excellent start from Toby and Reuben and a solid finish from captain Ben and debutant Charlie.

    A very encouraging start to the season for the U11s and indeed the club.


    The 1st XI start their campaign this weekend with a local derby at home to Cattistock. This is a great way to start the season and should be played with the keen competitive spirit that accompanies local rivalries. No team news yet but doubtless there will be the familiar faces of 'veteran' players along with a mix of younger up and coming future veterans.


    The 2nd XI start with an away match at Wimborne & Colehill. Well, it could be further away. The team has quite a bit of travelling to do this season - the nearest opponents are Bere Regis. Let's hope this is not an impediment to raising full teams. The team is playing in Division 6, which has only eight teams this year. Thus, with only a 14-game season, their last match is on 2 August.


    Once again the club will be providing what may well be the best cricket teas in the county - courtesy once more of the Greyhound. .The quality and quantity of the provisions drew many favourable comments from home and away players last season. The team bowling and fielding after the tea interval is at a bit of a disadvantage as they must do so whilst weighed down with all the just-consumed goodies. There are rumours that our captains, if given the choice by winning the toss, will elect to bowl first in order to gain this advantage.

    Many thanks to the Greyhound for this service to the club.


    Again, as last season, the Red Lion has kindly agreed to sponsor the club by providing post-match snacks free of charge. This is very generous of them and provides the ideal way for both teams to relax and unwind after the game. We hope that all players and officials will go along and meet up for a pint and a chat after the game.


    The club has started up its own web site - http://www.beaminstercricket.co.uk/

    The site will be updated periodically and in the meantime we welcome your comments and suggestions.



    The weather has turned more cricket-favourable and thoughts are increasingly turning towards the new season - now only about seven weeks away. Friday night nets are going well but more players are always welcome to come along and get themselves prepared for the off. As described in the selection policy document attached to the Newsletter attendance at practice sessions will be taken into consideration when selecting teams to represent the club.


    The club has drawn up this policy document to make clear to all players and members of the club the factors to be taken into account for team selection. The intention is that the selection process be, and can be seen to be, totally transparent. Ross Baker and Adie Phillips are the two managers who will implement the policy on a week by week basis. Feedback from players and members is welcome as the policy will be reviewed and if needs be amended in the light of experience.


    Youth coach Ross Baker is looking for a volunteer manager/helper for the club's U9 players. Ideally this would be a parent of one of the U9 team's players. Please contact Ross if you feel you would like to give it a go.


    Yet another request for assistance. As ever the club is short of volunteer scorers and umpires. We are required by the Dorset League to provide one of each for at least the 1st XI games and ideally for the 2nd XI's too. If you are able to help out, even for a game or two, please contact me by email or phone (01308 862220).


    The Dorset Cricket Board now produces electronically its annual report and review of the completed season. It is a very lengthy document but contains all you ever wanted to know about Dorset cricket from 2013. It is attached to this Newsletter.

    Plenty of reading to be getting on with!


    © Beaminster Cricket Club 2016

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