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    Mission & Selection Policy

    The purpose of this document is to make the selection process more transparent; outline a player’s obligations to the Club; and to ensure players are treated fairly by the Club in the selection process. The document provides rules for the Selection Committee and members which should be reviewed and agreed by the club’s committee each year.

    1. Club’s mission: To foster, promote and provide facilities for cricket at all levels, providing opportunities for members to participate in cricket and related social activities. The club encourages the development of junior players by providing the best possible training facilities and opportunities for competitive cricket. Members are expected to contribute to the running of the Cricket Club including assistance with coaching, fund-raising activities, and on-going improvement of the club’s facilities.
    2. The Selection Committee shall consist of two managers with input from the two captains of that weekend’s play.
    3. Availability: Players are playing for the club and therefore are available for both league XIs. However players have the option at the beginning of the season to indicate that they only wish to be considered for the 2nd team. It is each player’s responsibility to notify either of the two managers or that weekend’s captains on the Saturday of availability for the following Saturday.
      The club requires each player wishing to play league cricket to give an indicative view of availability one month in advance.
      All players are obliged to play in the team in which they are selected. Any player unwilling to fulfil this obligation may not be considered for future selection.
    4. All teams will be selected on or before the Sunday evening prior to a Saturday fixture. Where it is impossible for the Selection Committee to meet, selection will be done via telephone/email; however the committee will meet at least once per month during the cricket season. All teams will be confirmed via email/telephone to players on or before Tuesday evening. If a player is dropped from a team, one of the managers will inform the player prior to the publication of the teams. Players who are promoted on merit will have at least three consecutive games before their selection is reconsidered.
    5. Mission of each team (with captain and all players abiding by the Spirit of Cricket):
      1st XI: to play as high a standard as possible and win promotion to the highest levels of the Dorset League
      2nd XI: to support the 1st XI in allowing players to find form, to develop potential 1st team players and to achieve as high a league position as possible.

    The Selection Committee will consider each of the following factors in selecting the teams:

    1. The mission of each team
    2. Current ability, potential and recent performances in competitive cricket
    3. Player's availability over the season, conduct, attitude and attendance at training
    4. Player development (in teams other than 1st XI)
    5. While priority is given to the 1st XI, the Selection Committee will endeavour to select adequately balanced teams (e.g. ensure that each team has a competent wicket-keeper, sufficient bowling for 45 overs
    6. Decisions will be made for the overall benefit and success of the club. However, the selection committee will attempt to accommodate the needs/desires of individuals where possible
    7. Players who have an issue with selection should speak to either of the two managers
    8. Late drop-outs (after Sunday of each week) will be taken into consideration in future selection decisions. Players who become available after the teams have been selected will only be considered should a drop-out occur.

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