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    Code of Practice for Beaminster Cricket Coaches

    Coaches play a crucial role in the development of the players they coach. Good coaches ensure participants have positive experiences and are therefore more likely to continue to play and realise their potential.

    Coaching, as an emerging profession, must demonstrate a high degree of honesty, integrity and competence at all levels. The need for coaches to understand and act upon their responsibilities is of crucial importance to cricket, as is the need to protect the key concept of participation for fun, enjoyment and achievement. This is implicit with good coaching practice and promotes a professional image of the high-quality practitioner.

    This Code of Practice defines all that is finest in good coaching practice.

    Excellent coaching practice should reflect the following key principles:

    • Rights
    • Coaches must respect and champion the rights of every individual to participate in cricket.

    • Relationships
    • Coaches must develop a relationship with performers (and others) based on openness, honesty, mutual trust and respect.

    • Responsibilities – personal standards
    • Coaches must demonstrate proper personal behaviour and conduct at all times.

    • Responsibilities – professional standards
    • To maximise the benefits and the minimise the risks to performers, coaches must attain a high level of competence through qualifications and a commitment to ongoing training that ensures safe and correct practice.

    Beaminster Cricket club encourages it’s members to become coaches; funding is available for coaches to attend ECB course and workshops.

    Ross Baker: Youth Coordinator

    Bsc Sport Development & Coaching Sciences

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